9 Colorado Cutthroat – U15 Info

Colorado Cutthroat – U15 Info


The U15 team is a great opportunity for players to prepare for high school level ultimate and play more! We will have one local practice (one in the north and one in the south), and then one joint practice on Sundays.There unfortunately is not a U15 division at YCC. Take a look and see what you’ll get!

Rise Up! Prepare for high school level ultimate and get top level coaching. 

Relationships! Players get to participate with the most competitive and dedicated players in the state. 

Respect- Becoming friends with top players on each team will increase Spirit of the Game all around, because you’ll already know and trust them from your experience over the summer.


Are there cuts? We believe strongly in growth and development, and will guarantee all players the ability to participate in practices. 

Practices: Our practices will be open to all U15 Boy Matching Players (BMPs) who register. Practices will be 5:30-8:30pm on Thursday (local area) and Sundays (joint location). We are still waiting on confirmation, but expect one practice to be at Monarch HS and one practice to be in Lakewood. 

*Note: For Girl Matching Players (GMPs), you are welcome to join but we highly recommend playing with the U17 girls. Please reach out to hannah@altitudeyouthultimate.org in order to determine the best option!

**Note: If practices have fewer than 8 players, after 2 low attended practices we will cancel the following practice. Low practice attendance impacts the quality and benefit of what players will get out of practices. If this is an ongoing issue, we will discuss having fewer practices over the summer.

U15 Coaches

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