9 Cutthroat Registration

Cutthroat Registration

2023 Cutthroat

2024 Colorado Cutthroat Registration


Pre register to bundle season and tryout costs.

With YCC being here in Colorado, it makes it much more accessible to families and players! Thus, we want to get as many teams as possible and we need to know what commitment looks like. We care about getting this commitment early on that those early registrants get the following:

  • Don’t have to register for both tryouts and the season (less redundant paperwork!)
  • Don’t have to pay for tryouts
  • If you don’t make the competitive team, you will be guaranteed a spot on the developmental team
  • Only Dev team players who fully register before tryouts will be eligible to be brought up in adult midseason adult club tournaments with the U20 Competitive team
  • The knowledge that you are helping to make logistics easier for EVERYONE (coaches, Cutthroat director, other players)

If you want to commit to the 2024 Cutthroat season, skip registering for tryouts and register for the full season. You will still be required to attend tryouts, but you wont have to register/pay for them if you commit to the full season.

Tryout Info

This is a tryout series, and players are expected to make all tryouts (unless excused by coaches). This allows coaches to get the most well-rounded look at players’ skills and abilities. 


  • Tryout 1: U20 Boy Matching (BMPs), Girl Matching (GMs)– Saturday, April 20 from 5pm-8pm – Addenbrooke Park, Lakewood

    • GMs will have a team bonding activity, cheering for Alpenglow at their 2pm game beforehand (and potentially play in a quick halftime showcase game as well!

  • Tryout 2: U20 Boys, U17 Boys – Sunday, April 21 from 9am-12pm – Monarch HS

  • Tryout 3: U20 Boys – Sunday, April 28 from 5pm-8pm – Addenbrooke Park, Lakewood

  • Tryout 4 (Alpenglow Clinic) : U20 Girls – Sunday, May 5th from 9am-1pm – Location TBD