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Colorado Cutthroat

Colorado Cutthroat is Colorado’s premier youth ultimate club program. Why should you play?

  • Develop your skills- this is an intensive growth opportunity where players get to play with some of the best in the state, learn from great coaches, and experience a higher level of play to push your limits
  • Build relationships with players on other teams across the state (this means you’ll have friends on almost every team you play during the HS season!)
  • Compete against the top teams in the country and adult club and college teams
  • Build relationships with our adult club team mentors
  • Experience playing at the national level

In addition, Cutthroat is an inclusive environment. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all, and making sure that all aspects of our teammates are respected, including gender, age, gender identity, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion. We provide players with the space to be their authentic selves, and allow all players to learn to be in allyship with their teammates. While we do not require players to agree with or understand everything yet, we do require them to show respect to their teammates through their words and actions.


Youth Club Championships (YCC) is a national tournament that takes place in early August in Minnesota. Participating cities each send a boys’, girls’, and mixed team.


Playing for one of Colorado’s YCC teams is an incredible experience. You get to play alongside some of the best youth Ultimate players from around the Denver/Boulder metro area. The coaching corps are highly experienced, passionate, and dedicated (and most of ‘em still play ultimate pretty darn well, too). The tournament itself is an amazing experience to play high-level ultimate with and against youth from all over the country.



To prepare for the high level of competition, we practice Thursdays (6 pm-dark) and Sundays (5 pm-8 pm) in Lakewood (either Lakewood High School or S. Sheridan Park). Each team will have the opportunity to 

  U20 Boys U20 Girls U17 Boys U15 Mixed


6 pm-Dark

S. Sheridan or LHS No Practice S. Sheridan or LHS Separate practices in district pods


5-8 pm

S. Sheridan or LHS S. Sheridan or LHS TBD Joined with Cutthroat at S. Sheridan or LHS

* Practices between YCC and Club sectionals (2 months) will be once a week on Sundays


To build cohesion as a team, we get to play together in tournaments over the summer. Please hold these dates:

U17 Boys Mountain Invite                    Date: June 17-18 Location: Long Lake Regional Park
U20 Boys Summer Solstice Date: June 11-12 or 18-19 Location: TBD
Colorado Cup Date: July 9-10 Location: Aurora Sports Park
Club Sectionals Date: Sept. 10-11 Location: Dick’s Sporting Goods Complex
Club Regionals (potential) Date: TBD Location: TBD
Girls Summer Solstice Date: June 11-12 or 18-19 Location: TBD
Colorado Cup Date: July 9-10 Location: Aurora Sports Park
Club Sectionals Date: TBD Location: TBD
Club Regionals (potential) Date: TBD Location: TBD

Also, most YCC team members play in the Denver or Boulder Youth League.


This is a tryout series, and players are expected to make all tryouts (unless excused by Coach Hannah). This allows coaches to get the most well-rounded look at players’ skills and abilities. 

    • Sunday, April 24 from 5-8 pm @ Lakewood High School

    • Wednesday, April 27 from 6 pm-Dark @ S. Sheridan Park

    • Sunday, May 1 from 5-8 pm @ Lakewood High School

    • Thursday, May 12 from 6 pm-Dark @ S. Sheridan Park

  • U17 Update: Please invite friends you want to play with! We will likely take all of the players who join. Tryouts are a great opportunity to develop your skills and get to know players who will be your future teammates!
  • Girls Team Bonding and Development Days! On Sundays, April 24 and May 1, we will be working to grow our culture and program! We want all to be able to participate and are hoping all can practice with us. If we have too many, we will keep the others as practice players if they would like!
  • U15 Fry: There are no tryouts for U15 Fry.

    This season the cost to participate in Cutthroat U17 Boys, U20 Boys, and U20 Girls will be $700, Cutthroat Mixed and U15 costs $325. *AYU believes that all players should have access to participate, and there are opportunities to apply for financial aid. If you need this, please make sure to note this in your registration.

    The bulk of this cost covers: YCC (travel in Minnesota, food, lodging), tournament fees, field reservations, and coaches. 

    The cost does not cover: travel to/from Minnesota for YCC or jerseys



    The U15 Summer Club – COLORADO FRY

    This program is an opportunity for advanced play for U15 ages. This is a precursor to our Cutthroat program.

    We are looking at revamping the Colorado Fry program. We hope to have both a Boulder based team and a Denver based team that will practice separately once a week and combined once a week. More details to follow.

    All Colorado Fry players who sign up are invited to the Cutthroat tryouts. This will be treated similarly to a Talent ID where players get to see the Cutthroat tryout process and showcase their skills with the possibility to be invited to tryout for Cutthroat U17 if they are interested.

    The number of sign-ups will determine scrimmage and tournament play.

    Fry’s Head Coach: TBD

    Cost: ~$325

    Sign up coming soon.

    Location(s) TBD

    *U15 players can still try out for U17

    Colorado Fry Homepage


    U20 GIRLS



    My name is Ronnie, and I am excited to coach in Colorado. I currently play on Molly Brown (USAU) and the Austin Torch (PUL). I have experience coaching college in Santa Barbara and Washington DC. Can’t wait to get started!

    Get to know  Ronnie better in our Coach Spotlight





    For coaching, I’ve coached youth ultimate in two major environments: one was as a coach for the Disc NW Youth Camps in Seattle, WA, and one was as a coach at Ultimate Peace in Israel. Both of these taught me a ton about teaching different individuals from different backgrounds and how to incorporate lessons into ultimate! I’ve also been a part of a group in Boston that runs women’s clinics every year, and have coached at those clinics with other club players for a few years. For playing, I’ve been playing for ~10 years. I began playing in Seattle and after moving to Boston played for both my men’s and women’s college team. In club, I played for three years with the Boston Mixed elite team Boston Slow White, and in Colorado will be competing with Denver Molly Brown. I also was a part of the 2019 U24 Womxn’s Team that won gold in Germany.

    Get to know  Ari better in our Coach Spotlight

    U20 BOYS



    Played college for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire SOL and in graduate school at CU Boulder (previously known as Kali). She has played both club mixed and womxn’s.

    Hannah received her PhD in Education focused on diversity and equitable access, mixed with theories of learning. She practiced these while she coached. She first coached the Boulder-Fairview girls team called the Zingers in 2010, she then got “tricked” into coached Cutthroat B team and Lakewood by a guy named Jake. She then continued to build and grow both the Lakewood and Cutthroat programs, and currently leads them today.



    I have coached Cutthroat for over a decade and played in numerous National and World Championships, I presently coach Denver University Sourdough men’s club.



    Playing experience:
    0 years high school
    2 years college B team (University of Texas at Austin Graze, 2014-2016)
    2 years college A team (University of Texas at Austin TUFF, captain 1 year, 2016-2018)
    3 years Austin Doublewide (2018-current)
    3 years Dallas Roughnecks (2018-current)

    Coaching experience:
    3 seasons Lakewood Deep (2020-current)
    1 season Colorado Cutthroat U-20 boys (2020-current)

    U20 MIXED



    Playing for over ten years. Coached lots of CUT camps and for DEA (girl’s high school team out of Durham, NC!)



    Thomas has played for LSU Men’s Ultimate for 5 years, Sub Zero for 2, and Windchill for 2. Thomas coached at Catholic High in Baton Rouge (won a national championship), LSU women’s, and Hopkins High School. Thomas currently coaches at East High School in Denver and is an owner of CUT Camp.

    U17 BOYS



    Player: Started with Florida State in 1989, Phoenix, Johnny Bravo, Johnny Encore, Johnny Walker, Johnny Cashed and Misc. Coed teams. 2 National Championships, 1 World Championship, 1 Beach Championship, numerous tournament championships.
    Coach: Broomfield High School 1999-2015, USA Ultimate Summer Camp Director which switched over to AYU for the past ~10 years. Century middle school Frisbee club director since 2010. YCC Girls coach early in the YCC process, Coaching U17 with Justin Salvia for the past few years. Can’t say I’ve ever won a championship as a coach, but I’ve coached kids who have.



    Started playing my freshman year in college and have played open and mixed interchangeably ever since. I have been lucky enough to play on several national level teams and numerous national teams for international competitions.



    Justin Salvia (AKA Rabbit) is a homegrown Colorado Ultimate player. He learned to play at Loveland High School and then went on to play for CU-Boulder Mamabird from 2002-2007. After that he competed with Johnny Bravo for six years and continues to represent the state with the Master’s Team Johnny Encore. He began coaching Colorado Academy in 2009 and has been a High School Coach ever since. Coach Rabbit’s goal with every team is to produce players that love the sport, love their team, and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue their playing journey up the ranks of elite ultimate!