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Masters Nationals 2024
Aurora Sports Park
Altitude Ultimate is ecstatic to once again host Masters Nationals in 2024! We have had the privilege of hosting this tournament for many years now and we are looking forward to again
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2024 US Open & YCC
Aurora Sports Park
Altitude Ultimate is excited to have the U.S. Open & YCC events return to Colorado in 2024. Hosting this past summer was an amazing experience and we are ready to
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Club South Central Regionals
Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
More info coming soon.

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Summer Camps

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Come learn to play one of the fastest-growing field sports in America! Altitude Youth Ultimate is excited to provide quality Ultimate Frisbee programs for both experienced players and youth athletes new to the sport. Ultimate is a fast-moving sport that combines elements of football, soccer, and basketball and is played with a flying disc.

Most camps are co-ed and are great for new and experienced players; you only need running shoes or soccer-style cleats.

Team Finder

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Find any team in front range, and their coach’s contact information, in our new searchable database.

Search by location, division (open, girls, mixed, middle school, and club), and you can even search by things like coaches’, school or team names.


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As we move into a more safe and vaccinated reality, and likely tournament season, we want to make sure that the lessons we’ve been learning from Black Lives Matter and our commitment to racial equity do not get forgotten. We want to center our commitment to our BIPOC community (both local and ultimate) as we return to play in Aurora, Colorado. We also want to uplift the recommendations of a task force of Black players and Aurora community members- it is these recommendations that are informing how we are holding tournaments. This also provides you, our community, with the ability to hold us and USAU accountable to our commitments.

About Ultimate

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Combining the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of ultimate is played by two teams with a flying disc on a field with end zones, similar to football.

In addition, Spirit of the Game is one of the fundamental tenets of ultimate, making it unique in the world of competitive team sports. As a self-officiated sport, the game is in the players’ hands.

High School Play

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High school updates, schedules, game scores, tournament information, and more.

If you’re looking for a team to play with, looking for a team to coach, looking for more playing opportunities, wondering where to report a game score from league: it’s all here.

Middle School Play

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AYU is working to provide middle school-age players with opportunities to learn and play. Check here for clinics, camps, leagues, and ways to get involved.