9 Clinic 9 West District Summer “Giving Back” Clinics

West District Summer “Giving Back” Clinics

May 5, 2018 | Clinic, DEI, High School, News & Updates

A new opportunity for high school players to work on their skills and give back to the community this summer.

These clinics will happen every Wednesday from 3:30-7pm during the summer from June 13 – August 15 (minus 4th of July week of course!). There are three focuses for these clinics:

  1. Giving Back
    We will be spending an hour at each session coaching younger and newer players, sharing our love of the game and building the skills to effectively teach.
  2. Skills Development
    The largest chunk of time at each session is developmental clinics focusing on working with individuals to hone their ultimate skills. Skills include throwing, offense, defense, marking, and positioning. As well as drills, we will be using scrimmages and mini to work on these skills.
  3. Diversity and Equity
    Each session includes a service component. This “giving back” will be done in a school that serves a low-income and racially diverse population. We will be working to sharpen our “noticing” lens, looking for patterns and looking for nuance. We will be examining how our “noticing” lens may move our observations into judgments. And we will work to make sure that we are remembering to coach our students from a perspective that values cultural difference, rather than viewing it from a deficit mindset. Gender, age, race, and class will be topics, although we will look at these through an intersectional lens and we may add other identity groups as we get to know our students better.

These are open to all players, all genders, but are really geared at a level of player who has some background in ultimate, but is not yet a top contender.

Ages: high school (completed freshman year thru completed senior year).
Location: Lakewood, specifics TBD
Cost: $80



The $80 cost for this experience goes towards:

  1. $60: Fields/ Equipment/Coaches
  2. $20: Diversity and Equity Initiatives within Colorado to promote Youth Ultimate