9 Play 9 High School League Info

High School League Info


The Fall High School season is host to our Mixed Division League and State Championships.

Mixed Division means that teams must be able to put a gender ratio of at least 4/3 on the field (4 male matching, 3 female matching). We recommend a minimum of 6 female matching players on your roster.

If you are a new or inexperienced team and do not have enough girls for Mixed you can Register for the Fun Division which will be an Open Division with no gender ratio requirement. However please note, the Fun Division is NOT for experienced open teams. Unless you are a first or second year team or you have a B/C Team, please message me before signing up for Fun Division.

1. The league will begin on September 7th and run for 8 weeks.
2. Default game days will be Thursdays.
** Game days may be changed if agreed upon by both teams**
3. The team fee for the league will be $60
4. The league will be sanctioned, so all players will need to be USA Ultimate members, and each team will need a cleared chaperone on the roster
5. The registration deadline is 8/28/23.


Please be sure to get in touch with your opponent at least 1 week prior to your scheduled game to confirm your game day, time, and location. You can find team contacts using the Team Finder

  • 2022 USA Ultimate Rules
  • The home team is responsible for securing the field.
  • Please remember that game dates may be changed as long as agreed upon by both teams.
  • All games should be played to 13
  • 90 minute hard cap / NO SOFT CAP (Teams can agree to longer if time and light permits)
  • 1 timeout per half + 1 floater
  • After games are played, please remember to report your scores AND Spirit Scores.