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Local Ultimate Organizations

There are several Ultimate organizations besides AYU that run camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments. Check out our friends in Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs!

If you would like your organization added to this list, please contact mike@altitudeyouthultimate.org


Denver Metro

Colorado CORE Ultimate

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Colorado Core Ultimate is a Denver based Ultimate Frisbee League, Tournament and event coordinator. We host and promote a series of events in and around Denver throughout the year. We love playing Frisbee, and spread the word to encourage others to play. We also cordially invite brand new players to the sport at any time.

We currently sponsor Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter Leagues as well as tournaments throughout the year. For more information, visit the links to the league and tournament pages.

Charity is also a part of who we are, we give a portion of our yearly proceeds to charities and we also host charity specific events.

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Jon and Sabrina Patterson
Denver West Ultimate Organizers
Colorado Core Ultimate – Local. Dedicated.
720-289-3045 (# to bypass VM)

Denver Summer Ultimate League (DSUL)
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We are a (4-3) co-ed draft league with A and B divisions.  We play Ultimate on Thursday evenings at the Schaefer Athletic Complex (Hampden & Kipling) early June to early August, the tournament is on a Saturday.
8 or 9 fields with as many double-headers as possible.
GrassRoots Ultimate (GRU)

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Grass Roots Ultimate is a non-profit volunteer-run organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to play, enjoy, and benefit from the sport of ultimate.

We serve the ultimate community in the Boulder, Longmont, and Denver area by hosting leagues, tournaments, youth events, and womens’ activities.

Mile High Ultimate (MHU)

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The goal of Mile High Ultimate is to help build the Ultimate community in the Denver Metro Area. MHU promotes the Spirit of the Game which is what sets Ultimate apart from other team sports. MHU is a coed league. We welcome any level of experience.  

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

Slapdash Ultimate

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A fun way to learn the game and meet new people!

You may have heard of a hat tournament where your team for the tournament is determined randomly. In our hat league teams will be randomly determined each week to encourage meeting and playing with new people. Each week you’ll play two games with your team and then next week you’ll play with a new team. Since teams changes each week the focus of the hat league format is not about winning, but learning, meeting new people, and having fun!

Slapdash will be a 100% non-profit league. Meaning any money left over from registration fees after operational cost (field reservations, insurance, swag, food, etc.) will be donated to a charitable organization. Each season we will post a breakdown of where all the money goes.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins Ultimate

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Ultimate Network (CSUN)

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Whether you are new to the Springs, visiting, or a native; a beginner or an expert; we welcome you to join us and learn the Colorado Springs Ultimate Network (CSUN) philosophy of friendship, frisbee and fun! Colorado Springs has a multitude of opportunities for high school, college, and post-collegiate players – just peruse our website for more information on clinics, leagues, pickups, tournaments, and club teams.
For questions or more information, reach out to us via EmailFacebook, or Twitter!