9 AYU 9 Marshall Fire Support for AYU Families

Marshall Fire Support for AYU Families

Feb 8, 2022 | AYU, News & Updates

AYU Community and Friends,

There are no words that can truly express the sorrow felt for all the families impacted by the recent fires.

The AYU Community is strong and close-knit. If you or your family have been impacted in the recent tragedy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There are many in the Colorado Ultimate Community ready to give aid.

If you feel like making a monetary donation to an Ultimate family in need, please click on the donation page link. There you will find a list of Ultimate players and/or their families that have lost their homes to the fire, including their GoFundMe page to donate to. If you know another Ultimate family or player not yet listed, please contact Mike Richard via email at mike@altitudeyouthultimate.org to get them added.

If you would prefer to donate to an organization that will help everyone, there are also links to vetted organizations included.

For a helpful resource on how to speak to your kids or youth about the tragedy, and for other ideas or ways to help, please take a second to read this article written by a fellow Ultimate player/Boulder High Ultimate Coach, Stanley Ly.
9 Ways to Support a Friend or Colleague Who Lost Their Home to a Fire

Stanley Ly (he, him, his) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at University of Colorado Boulder. In 2014, he provided psychological first aid to individuals affected by the floods in Boulder County. Since 2007, he has worked with sexual assault survivors, youth with neurological disabilities, individuals experiencing psychiatric emergencies in hospitals, jails, and the community. AYU is grateful to have someone with his knowledge to lean on.

Take care and see you soon,