9 AYU 9 March 16 Update: AYU and USAU Respond to COVID-19

March 16 Update: AYU and USAU Respond to COVID-19

Mar 16, 2020 | AYU, COVID, News & Updates

USA Ultimate Response to COVID-19

This post will be updated frequently as this situation is quickly evolving. Please take the necessary steps personally to keep yourself and others around you healthy.

March 16 Update

USA Ultimate has made the decision to follow the CDC’s guidance, released yesterday, to limit public gatherings for eight weeks. As a result, USA Ultimate events are being canceled or postponed through at least May 10. That includes canceling college regional championships and postponing, indefinitely, some high school state championships and the Beach Championships.

AYU will be evaluating the latest updates and recommendations to make a decision on state championships.

March 13 Update

USA Ultimate has announced that all USAU-sanctioned events through April 20 will be postponed or canceled.  This applies to clinics, leagues, practices, and tournaments – including coaching clinics. This means that all AYU events sanctioned through USAU will be postponed or canceled.

On behalf of our entire board and staff, postponing and delaying events, shortening seasons, and other cancellations or ‘pauses’ is the last decision any of us wanted to make. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to this sport and the health and safety of the players and the community.

The large organizations we are keeping a close eye on are:

  • CHSAA (Colorado’s governing varsity sports’ organizers)
  • USA Ultimate
  • Colorado Governor’s office
  • Local School Districts
  • CDC and other health officials

We will be taking the lead from these organizations on how to proceed following the suspension of events. We will keep posting to this page and to our social media platforms.

As frustrations and disappointments elevate, please keep in mind our social responsibility to the rest of the community. It is a privilege to be strong and healthy at this time, and with privilege comes the responsibility of taking care of those not as healthy.

Events needing to be evaluated:

High School State Championships (originally scheduled for 5/9-5/10)

Canceled Events*:
All Club Combines (originally scheduled for 4/18, 5/2, 5/3)

Coaching Clinics:
Colorado Springs (originally scheduled for 3/19)
Lakewood (originally scheduled for 3/21)
Boulder (originally scheduled for 4/14)
Golden (originally scheduled for 4/28)

High School League games originally scheduled from now through May 10 will be postponed or canceled.

The Alana and Off the Deep End (originally scheduled for 4/5-4/6)

South Central College Regionals (originally scheduled for 4/25-26)

Cutthroat Tryout Dates (originally scheduled for 4/26, 5/2 & 5/3)**

* Updated March 16

** We have 3 backup dates for Cutthroat Tryouts already – May 14, 16 & 17


If you, or a member of your household, are sick or appear sick – please stay home.

  • We understand it is also allergy season.  However, since allergy symptoms are similar to mild Coronavirus symptoms – please also stay home even if you know you are experiencing allergies.
  • Captains and Coaches WILL ask any player who appears ill, is coughing, or has any respiratory ‘emissions’ to leave the practice or game.
  • All individuals in a high-risk population MUST stay home, and may not coach, practice, or spectate.
    • High-risk individuals include:
      • People 60 and older
      • People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
      • People who have weakened immune systems
      • People who are pregnant
  • AYU strongly recommends that GRANDPARENTS should not drive youth to, or attend, practices or games; we encourage coaches and captains to ask anyone who appears to be in an at-risk population to go home.
  • Family members may wish to consider reducing attendance as spectators; those who attend are encouraged to reserve sideline space for players – and watch from further away to help maintain social distancing.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer

  • Wash your hands before practices or games, with vigorous scrubbing, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Everybody should carry hand sanitizer (which should be at least 60% alcohol) and apply frequently at events: Each sub-out is not too often….
  • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.
  • If you use a tissue, dispose of it, then wash your hands or use sanitizer immediately.


  • Players MUST avoid handshakes, high fives, and other physical and social contact as a regular part of practices, games, and spirit circles.
  • Increase spacing between players on the sidelines and plan all spirit activities and meetings so that six feet of space is maintained between all individuals to the greatest extent possible.
  • Consider moving team meetings or discussions online to increase social distance and include team members who are home sick.
  • Consider running smaller practices – split your roster into two smaller groups that attend at separate times or stay on separate ends of the field, and do not mix groups.

Food and Beverages

  • Do not share water bottles or other food or beverage. 
  • Any food brought to share should be in pre-packaged, individually wrapped containers, or handed out by a player who has washed their hands and is wearing appropriate gloves.

Clean Surfaces

  • Players MUST sanitize discs and surfaces (water bottles, gym bag handles and zippers, cones) before every game and practice. See bleach bath directions here.
  • Captains and Coaches (and players) should bring sanitizing wipes to practices and games.
  • Sanitize discs in use frequently, with sanitizing wipes or create your own bleach bath and bring to games.