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Little Big Fridge Partnership

Jun 17, 2021 | Adult, News & Updates, Volunteer

Feed.Serve.Connect OR Sandwiches, Serving, Fridges, OH MY!

We invite you to join Little Big Fridge this Summer by volunteering to make sack lunches to stock our fridges or serve a meal

Little Big Fridge is a community fridge project in the Denver Metro area that is passionate about helping the community by stocking fridges full of free food supplied by volunteers
Sign up on the Little Big Fridge Website here:  https://www.littlebigfridge.com/volunteer

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“WHY volunteer this summer with LIttle Big Fridge, serving the community?”

“WHY serve food to your community this summer with your frisbee crew?”

“Serve food to your community this summer with your team!”

  1. Connect with others. Develop new friends and widen your social circle; strengthen existing relationships through shared constructive activities.
  2. Make a difference in someone’s life. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile from people you help.
  3. Support a cause. Little Big Fridge supports programs spanning all gender identities, tiny home village initiatives, unhoused folks in transition to get back on their feet, small businesses, and more.
  4. Understand real-life issues in your community and those who are underserved.
  5. Pick up a new skill. Always wanted to learn how to cook simple meals? We have easy-to-follow recipe cards to whip up budget-friendly and tasty meals anyone can make! If cooking isn’t your thing, learning to connect and communicate with a variety of folks with different backgrounds is enlightening and refreshing.
  6. Set a good example. Be a leader in your community — get out there and take the opportunity to model for even younger siblings and family — charity and empathy.
  7. Strengthen team bonds. Not much will top memories of volunteering as a team and offering the gift of giving this summer.
  8. Build personal relationships. Learn to embrace people as they are and understand where they are coming from. Learn to listen wholeheartedly to their sorrows and celebrate in their victories.
  9. Gain appreciation. Helping those in need puts things into perspective, not just about the individual humans you serve, but your community as whole.


  • Sign up to Fill a Fridge
      1. Signups here: https://www.littlebigfridge.com/volunteer
      2. Spend roughly $100 on groceries, from this list: acceptable food donations
        1. Here is list of the items a group purchased to help provide details: LBF Fill-Up Details
      3. Deliver to St. Francis Center:
        1. 1001 Park West, Denver, CO 80205 (Curtis and Park) *Fridge located inside the lobby. Knock on the window of the entrance
  • Sign up to make 100 Sack Lunches
    1. Signups here: https://www.littlebigfridge.com/volunteer (scroll down)
    2. Spend roughly $130 on groceries and ~ 5 human hours making sandwiches
    3. Deliver to Impact Humanity:
      1. 2526 Welton St. at Impact Humanity on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 10:30AM – 1:00PM. Each day has a slot for one shift.
  1. Sign up to serve a meal (need to get more details from LBF on where this sign up is)
    1. Prepare a meal, or order from a local restaurant for 50-60 people
    2. Choose Location/Partners to support (choices can vary each month):
      1. St. Francis Center
      2. Colorado Village Collaborative
        1. All-Women’s Village
        2. Beloved Community Village
        3. Safe Outdoor Spaces
    3. Choose a date on the calendar to book breakfast, lunch or dinner shift
    4. Bring the trays of food to location and staff will assist with further instructions to serve. The duration will be 1-1.5 hours of serving as not all guests will arrive at the same time, partly due to COVID and partly to availability.
    5. Clean up!
    1. If cooking and serving aren’t up your alley, you can donate to Little Big Fridge directly. We have volunteers able to provide the time and monthly commitment to serve our community with your donations, on your behalf.
    2. Venmo: @littlebigfridge
    3. Donorbox: found on website https://www.littlebigfridge.com/