9 AYU 9 Group Discount on TOKAY

Group Discount on TOKAY

Oct 27, 2020 | AYU, News & Updates

Whether you’re looking for a pair of sharp competitive Ultimate cleats or looking for a great holiday gift, we’ve got you covered.


We have been in touch with TOKAY – the official Team USA cleats – and we have negotiated a special retail price with them. To get a greater discount, we need to know your interest and with enough interested people, we hope to drop the price under $95 (instead of the usual $125).

Please register on this form by November 15th if you would like to be part of our discounted order.

When we have the number of people interested, we will then send you a coupon code so you can directly get the discount and convenient delivery at home.

If you have more questions about TOKAY, you can check the following pages:
– Discover more about their cleats: https://tokay-ultimate.com/product/tokay/
– Check your size: https://tokay-ultimate.com/editable/questions/#product-and-sizing
– Learn more about your feet and cleats: https://tokay-ultimate.com/tokaypedia-learn-about-cleats-and-feet-in-ultimate/

We’ll base the price on the number of interested people!