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Adult 4s Tournament

April 27


Location: Long Lake Regional Park Arvada

Date: April 27th

Divisions: Club: Mixed, Women, & Men. Masters: Women & Men. Minimum of 4 teams per division needed (masters teams will have the option to be absorbed into the club division competition).
Format: 4 v 4 — Team Roster minimum: 6 — Team Roster Maximum: 10 — Masters Team Roster Maximum: 11 — Mixed division format: 2 women/2 men.
Team Cost: $250 – $200 Early Bird Registration if you register by the end of March! $300 late registration after April 14th.

Coach/Captain/Team organizer – Register below

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Tournament Director: Mike Richard


NOTE: An Affiliate Player Membership is sufficient for this event (and can be later upgraded if wanted). Be sure to select AYU, Colorado Ultimate when you sign up. If you signed up already for the annual membership, then you are good to go – review your membership profile to confirm that it is active and expires 12/31/2024.


TBD but expect roughly 9:00am – 4:00pm


  • Teams play a “first to win two games” in one round
  • 60-minute rounds with the first two games played to 5 and a tie-breaker if needed to 3.
  • 20-minute time cap for each game to 5 – with the 2nd game going to the 40-minute mark of the hour
    • Teams are encouraged to start the 2nd or 3rd game as soon as possible
    • 5-minute max between each game
  • The third tie-breaker game is to 3 with a 10-minute cap
    • The 3rd game is not required to be played if one team wins the first two games.
  • Horns will sound at the start, 20, 40, & 50-minute mark of each round
  • Between points: 45 seconds for O then additional 15 seconds for D (60 total seconds between points)
  • Flip a disc at the beginning of the round to pick Offense or Side, then Mirror to start the 2nd game
  • If a third game is required, the team with the better point-differential from the first two games gets to choose Offense or Side.  If the first two games ended with the same point differential, then the team that won the first game gets to choose.
    • Example 1: If Team A won the 5-2 and Team B won 5-3, then Team A (+1) gets choice.
    • Example 2: If Team A won the first game 5-4, and Team B won the second game 5-4, then they both have the same point differential.  In this case, Team A would get to choose based on winning the first game.
  • One timeout per game per team.


  • In general, we play with all of the same rules as we’re accustomed to with 7v7.  If something here doesn’t override those rules; default to them.
  • The Stall is to 7 (rather than 10), starting with “Stalling One”.  A stallout occurs on the first utterance of the “S” in “Seven” (rather than the “T” of “Ten”).
  • For a Contested Stall, the stall count will come in at 5, saying “Stalling 6”).  Note: this is just “back 2”, like the 7v7 rules.
  • For all Violations or Fouls that occur with the Stall Count above 3 – if the stall count would come in above 3 when restarting play, the stall count will instead come in at 3 (saying “Stalling 4”)
    • As an example, we know that if a Pick is called when the stall-count is at 8, play will resume with the stall count dropping to 5, so the marker starts with “Stalling 6”.  Here we’re just replacing 5 with 3, for all rules involving the stall count for travels, picks, fouls, etc…
    • So if a Pick is called when the mark had already uttered “Five”, then play would restart with the stall at 3, saying “Stalling 4”.
  • Each point starts with a Pull, and like 7v7: Offense should have one foot on their end-zone line, and the Defensive players should be behind their own end-zone line when the Pull is released.
  • However, the Brick rule is changed.  For 4v4, if the pull lands out-of-bounds, or if the pull lands in-bounds but rolls out of bounds – the offense must take the disc at the Brick Mark.  The offense does not have the option to pick up a disc that has touched out-of-bounds, they must walk the disc to the Brick Mark before starting play.
    • Special Note: In the case of a pull that leaves the playing field proper immediately after leaving the puller’s hand, and never comes back into play – the starting point is still the Brick Mark.  The offense does not have the option to put the disc in play where it last left the playing-field proper.
  • The Brick Mark is centered on the field, at the Midfield mark on the field – so half-way between the two end-zones.
  • Field size: 53 yards total, 37-yard field proper, 8-yard end zones, 25 yards wide.
  • Tiebreakers will be decided first by total games, then by points.  For example, a 3-way tie occurs where team A won against team C 2 games to 1, team A won against team B 2 games to 0, and team B won against team C 2 games to 1.  Team A would place 1st with a +1 game differential, team C places 2nd with a 0 game differential, and team B places 3rd with a -1 game differential.  If all games within the 3-way tie have the same game score, the tiebreaker is decided by point differential within the games.


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Team Fee Deadline: Friday, April 19th
Team Registration on USAU Site Deadline: Tuesday, April 23rd
Rostering on USAU Site Deadline: Wednesday, April 24th – must have a minimum of 6 players on the roster – 8 recommended.


April 27
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Long Lake Regional Park
17850 W 64th Ave
Arvada, CO 80403 United States


Division: Mixed/Coed Women/Girls Men/Boys