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AU – 2023 Spring Monday Goalty Draft League

April 24, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Join us for this Mixed (2:2) Goaltimate League hosted Monday nights at Bruce Randolph’s lighted artificial turf soccer field.
This league will run for 10 weeks, including the tournament, starting on March 13th and ending on May 22nd (no league on March 27th due to Spring Break).
Price: $60 (see below for financial assistance)
Registration: Opens Feb 23, Closes Mar 5


Fill out this Form if you would like to Pickup for the league.

You (and up to one person) will be drafted onto a team that will play three 20 minute games during the night. Team rosters and communications will go out the week before league begins, but don’t be surprised if it’s the Sunday or Monday before league begins.

Volunteer captains will receive a full discount on their league registration fee for the work involved in this role. We could not run draft leagues without volunteer captains, so thank you. If you have any questions about captaining, please reach out to christian@altitudeyouthultimate.org.

As this is a Mixed league, we may have to limit registrations to ensure we can maintain our team and on-field ratio.
At the beginning of registration, you will be asked if you would like to register as a Free Agent or as part of a Small Group.

  • Small Groups of more than two (2) players will not be honored and may be subject to a processing fee if a refund is required.
  • Female-matching(FM) players are able to register as a Free Agent or as part of a Small Group up to the player cap.
  • Male-matching(MM) players are able to register as a Free Agent, or as part of a Small Group up to the player cap.
    • MM players who register as a Free Agent will be waitlisted and should not pay. They will be accepted into the league once registration has closed on a first-come basis.
    • MM players who register as part of a Small Group with a FM player will be automatically accepted into the league and should complete payment at that time.
    • MM players who would like to register as part of a Small Group with another MM player should complete a Free Agent registration to avoid unnecessary payment and indicate their Grouping preferences in the relevant form field in registration. These groups will be accepted into the league once registration has closed on a first-come basis.
Small Groups
  • If you are the first of your pair to register, please “create new Small Group”
    • You will need to name the Small Group so that your partner can find it. Please name it something clear and distinct.
  • If you are the second of your pair to register, please “join existing Small Group”
    • You will need to select your Small Group from a list.
  • Player Information surveys will ask you to confirm if, and with whom, you would like to Group.



Please Note: Your USAU membership must be up to date to play in the league for all players and all pickups.

An Affiliate Player Membership is sufficient for this event – be sure to select AYU, Colorado Ultimate when you sign up. If you signed up already for the annual membership, then you are good to go – review your membership profile to confirm that it is active and expires 12/31/2023. AYU is planning to run multiple adult leagues this and the coming years that will be covered by a yearly Affiliate Player Membership.

Financial Assistance: It is important to us at AYU that no one be excluded from participating in any event we sponsor because they’re facing financial challenges with the registration fees. If you need financial assistance, use this form to receive a discount code for an amount you would be able to pay. AYU is dedicated to providing financial aid for Marshal Fire victims. If you were affected by the Marshall Fire, please use the same form to request a discount. If the USAU membership fee presents a financial challenge, please contact christian@altitudeyouthultimate.org who will assist you.

Altitude Ultimate (or AYU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on the growth and develepmont of Youth and Adult Ultimate in Colorado. All proceeds from these events goes back into the community to continue our efforts and supporting those who may not be able to afford it otherwise.

Rules of Goaltimate

  • Teams will consist of up to 10 players (up to 5 male-matching and up to 5 female matching players).
  • Fields will have a single hoop, clear zone, and out-of-bounds lines. Fields dimensions: 50 yds by 25 yds, clear zone is 10 yds deep.
  • Games will be played for a set time. A single horn will signal the start of the games and two horns will signal the end of games. During regular season, games will end once the time has elapsed; games can end in a tie.
  • Teams play 4 v 4, with hockey-style subbing (An incoming player must tag hands of a player coming off at the sideline, ie no teleporting). This league will be played with an on-field 2:2 ratio at all times.
  • The stall count is to 5 (starting at Stall one and ending at the F of five) and can be counted by any person on the field from anywhere. (Double teams are allowed, as is counting a stall without anyone on the mark.)
  • One point is awarded for a completed pass that travels through the hoop and is caught in the end zone by your teammate. Two points are awarded if the disc is thrown from behind the clear line into the endzone. The disc must fully cross the plane of the goal during reception to count as a goal. You cannot release the disc from inside the goal; if you do and the pass is completed, it is not a goal but you still have possession.
  • Whenever a turnover happens, the possession changes and the new offensive team must clear the disc by advancing it past the clear line, and can then attack the goal. Make-it Take-it rules apply, so if you score play continues with your team on offence, but you must clear the disc and then you can attack again.
  • The disc can only go through the hoop in 1 direction. If you throw it through backward (from behind the hoop, towards the clear line), it is a turnover.
  • Setting static screens is legal (think basketball). Be mindful when setting screens of the velocity of other players and whether you are putting yourself somewhere dangerous to yourself or the player you are trying to screen. If you attempt to screen while in motion, it is a pick and can be called as such.
  • Offensive players may only stay in the end zone for 3 seconds at a time. After 3 seconds they must leave the end zone and return in order to be an eligible scoring receiver. If they catch the disc in the endzone past the 3 seconds it is not a goal; they retain possession and can continue trying to score.
  • Goaltending is not allowed. Defenders must be within 5 feet of an offensive player and actively defending that player to remain in the end zone.


April 24, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Division: Mixed/Coed


Bruce Randolph
3955 Steele St
Denver, CO 80205 United States
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