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E.R.I.C. Middle School Clinics

Jun 3, 2017 | News & Updates

We still have an exciting opportunity to introduce ultimate to your middle schools with clinics​ from the organization, Early Recognition is Critical (E.R.I.C.)​!​


A little bit more about E.R.I.C.: they employ ultimate Frisbee clinics and tournaments to teach youth about body and cancer symptom education and the importance of healthy living. E.R.I.C. believes that Ultimate Frisbee also provides a great medium to teach youth about the values of sportsman-like conduct and respect for others on and off the field as well as learning to work collaboratively. E.R.I.C. runs free youth ultimate clinics during middle school P.E. classes throughout North America and has a large base of elite coaches/players (both men and women). E.R.I.C. is looking for schools that are interested in having their team come teach Ultimate!

Please let AYU Middle School Coordinator, Lisi Lohre, know if you have any questions or if it might work for E.R.I.C. to run a clinic at your school! Lisi’s email address is: elohre42@gmail.com