9 Cutthroat Registration 9 Colorado Cutthroat – U20 BMP (boy matching player)

Colorado Cutthroat – U20 BMP (boy matching player)

2023 U20 boys Cutthroat

Tryouts, Teams, and Numbers: We are hoping to have two U20 BMP teams this summer: Red and Blue. 

  • Blue will be the competitive team, and will be able to participate in the YCC tournament this summer. Those who make the team are not guaranteed equal playing time in tournaments, but coaches will work to try to balance playing time as much as they can.
  • Red will be the developmental team, and Sectionals will be the culminating event. Red players will receive a lowered price given fewer tournaments. We cannot guarantee equal playing time in each game, but will work hard to balance playing time as much as they can over the course of a tournament.

If we don’t have enough players registered for a Red and Blue team, we will only have a competitive team offered and will be forced to make cuts. If this occurs, we will work to provide as many practice player positions as possible. 

Practices: Practices will be 5:30-8:30pm on Thursdays and Sundays. We are still waiting on confirmation, but expect one practice to be at Monarch HS and one practice to be in Lakewood. 

Note: If practices have fewer than 10 BMPs, after 2 low attended practices we will cancel the following. Low practice attendance impacts the quality and benefit of what players will get out of practices. If this is an ongoing issue, we will discuss having fewer practices over the summer.

Playing Opportunities: Our competitive team will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Summer Solstice- June 22-23 at Pleasant View in Boulder | Blue 
  • Co Cup (Potential B Division)- unsure of dates | Red and Blue 
  • Youth Club Championships (YCC)- August 2-5 (Friday-Monday) at Aurora Sports Park | Blue 
  • Club Sectionals- September 7-8 at Long Lake Regional Park | Red and Blue

Please note that the ability to compete in tournaments relies on having at least 15 players for midseason tournaments and club sectionals, and at least 18 for YCC.

U20 Boys Coaches

Coach Hannah (she/her/hers)

Hannah started playing ultimate in college, and over her career has played College, Club, and Masters. Hannah started coaching in 2011, while getting her PhD in education, focusing on theories of learning and identity development. She brings these tools and her experience coaching at the HS boys, HS girls, HS mixed, and Boys YCC levels to her current coaching. Hannah has been the director of Cutthroat since 2015.

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