9 Cutthroat Registration 9 Colorado Cutthroat – GMP (Girl Matching Player)

Colorado Cutthroat – GMP (Girl Matching Player)

Girls Cutthroat w/ Alpenglow 2023

Who: All GMPs will be welcome at YCC practices throughout the summer.

Numbers and Tryouts: If we don’t have enough players across both ages registered, we will likely only have one competitive team that competes. Will will  allow any interested player to tryout for this competitive team, regardless of age. We believe strongly in growth and development, and welcome players who do not make the competitive team to continue to practice with us and grow throughout the season, and will have the option to stay in the team hotel if they wish to support the team at YCC! If there is only one competitive team, girls who do not have the opportunity to play in tournaments will pay a lowered price. 

Practices: Our practices will be open to all GMPs who register, regardless of if they make the competitive team or not. Practices will be 5:30-8:30pm on Thursdays and Sundays. We are still waiting on confirmation, but expect one practice to be at Monarch HS and one practice to be in Lakewood. 

Note: If practices have fewer than 10 girls, after 2 low attended practices we will cancel the following. Low practice attendance impacts the quality and benefit of what players will get out of practices. If this is an ongoing issue, we will discuss having fewer practices over the summer.

Playing Opportunities: Our competitive team will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • at least one adult mid-season tournament, 
  • Youth Club Championships (YCC)- August 2-5 (Friday-Monday) at Aurora Sports Park
  • Club Sectionals- September 7-8 at Long Lake Regional Park

Please note that the ability to compete in tournaments relies on having at least 15 players for midseason tournaments and club sectionals, and at least 18 for YCC.

Cost: Cost is $100 less for Girl matching players. The cost will be $550- which covers practice fields, coaches, tournaments, tournament food, hotels and accommodations and meals the weekend of YCC. **Note: Players are not required to purchase new jerseys each season. For those who new or needing/wanting to purchase jerseys this season, please plan on an additional cost (last year a full kit was $105)

U20 Girls Coaches

Coach Libby (she/her/hers)
  • Libby played for (then coached) at the University of Texas-Austin, and has played Mixed, Women’s, and Master’s ever since. She started coaching youth ~15 years ago and has coached YCC Girls Division teams in Texas, Philadelphia, and Colorado. 
  • Fun Fact: I still have two baby teeth!
Coach Ellie (she/her/hers)
  • Ellie is a homegrown player, starting her ultimate career at Monarch High School and playing for Cutthroat. She plays college for Tufts EWO, and has played club with Jackwagon and various leagues.
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? -I would eat tacos
Coach Jana (she/her/hers)
  • Jana started playing ultimate in college, and over the past 30 years has played College, Club, Masters, Grand Masters and Beach. She coached the CU Women’s team for 5 years in the early 2000s and after a break from coaching has gotten back into into it as a high school and YCC coach.
  • What imaginary/fictional world would you live in? Island of Berk, from How to Train your Dragon.