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Colorado Cutthroat Update

Sep 20, 2017 | News & Updates

A huge shoutout to all of the players, coaches and families who made this year’s Youth Club Championships (or “YCC”) experience great. Competition at YCC is fierce, and you represented in both athleticism and spirit!

Cutthroat Boys U19 team photo 2017
Cutthroat 2017 Boys U19 Team
Girls Cutthroat team photo 2017
Cutthroat 2017 Girls U19 Team
Cutthroat Boys U16 team photo 2017
Cutthroat 2017 Boys U16 Team

For more than a decade, Colorado Cutthroat has provided the amazing summer club ultimate experience in Colorado. After spring tryouts, teams trained and competed together throughout the summer before traveling to YCC, the national championships in Blaine, Minnesota. For the first time this year’s tournament included the U.S. Open with high-level,

international adult club play, where both Molly Brown, Denver’s top women’s club, and Johnny Bravo, our top men’s club, played great. All of our teams grew tremendously playing the other top tier teams in the nation!

We are already looking forward to new opportunities for next year.