9 Adult 9 AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program

AYU Club Connect Volunteer Program

Jul 25, 2019 | Adult, AYU, News & Updates, Volunteer

The AYU Club Connection, a volunteer rewards program is underway but your team can still join. This program offers you a chance to connect with the youth in Colorado and to raise extra funds for your team.

A simple overview of the program:

  1. Someone on your team volunteers
  2. Your team get points
  3. The teams with the most points receive a reward.

Rewards: 1st: $2,000 | 2nd: $1,500 | 3rd: $1,000 | 4th: $500

Next steps:

  1. Register here with interest (form on the bottom of page)
  2. Attend a quick overview conference call
  3. Start volunteering!!!
  4. Win that dough!

Club Connect Leaderboard (as of July 15th):
1st Place: Small Batch (415) 2nd Place: Johnny Walker (163), 3rd Place: Johnny Encore (125). 4th Place: Johnny Bravo (30). Multiple teams tied for fifth place.

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* Points are accumulated for volunteering Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2019.