9 News & Updates 9 All the Fall 2017 Championships Info You Need!

All the Fall 2017 Championships Info You Need!

Sep 26, 2017 | News & Updates

The USAU Fall Mixed State Championships are planned for November 11-12 at Broomfield Commons! 

We will once again be hosting a DI and DII tournament, and most likely a separate “fun” division that will not be strictly coed.

Teams planning to compete in DI should hold the weekend of October 21-22 (Oct. 28th for the South District) for District Qualifiers.

Not all Districts will need to hold a qualifier. This depends on the number of teams competing and the number of bids for that District. Qualifiers will also likely only be a one day event.

More information and exact dates and locations will follow. For now, mark those dates and stay tuned!

Tons more info: