9 AYU 9 Alexia McCaskill Named G.U.M. Girls Outreach Coordinator

Alexia McCaskill Named G.U.M. Girls Outreach Coordinator

Dec 1, 2020 | AYU, Girls, News & Updates

Alexia McCaskill recently became the USA Ultimate Girls’ Outreach Coordinator (GOC) for the Boulder area. As the Boulder area GOC, McCaskill will be a resource for any coach, program, or community in the Boulder area hoping to grow girls’ participation in the sport we all love whether it be in the Mixed, Open, or Girls’ Division.

McCaskill has coached mixed division and girls’ division high school teams for Boulder High School students since Spring 2014. During that time, McCaskill has watched the fantastic increase in the number of boys participating in organized Ultimate but has also witnessed what seems to be stagnation or decrease in girls entering and remaining in our sport. McCaskill would like to help our Boulder-area Ultimate community actively recruit, increase participation, and retain over time the number of girls.

If you would like any USAU resources to help you in recruiting and supporting girl players in any team context or developing a girls’ team, do not hesitate to reach out to Alexia. She is excited to brainstorm with you about recruiting and retention events focused on girls. She is here to help!

Feel free to contact Alexia at goc_boulder_co@usaultimate.org.

We also want to thank Mike Richards for his work as Denver’s Girls Outreach Coordinator!