9 Club 9 2019 Club Connect Winter League

2019 Club Connect Winter League

Oct 21, 2019 | Club, Indoor, League, News & Updates

Addicted to ultimate? Want to meet AND PLAY with adult club players? Starting about a week after HS States, we will be hosting a 5-week winter league! We will be having club players come and player-coach your league teams! This means you’ll get to compete against and get coached by some of the best players in the state! Oh, and you’ll get to baggage which means you and a friend get to reminisce about the time you almost schooled a club player.
Register soon because we have a limited number of slots given the turf field and club players!

Register and then you will be assigned to a team (Saphire, Gold, Copper, Pearl) – you will get a jersey based on your team color. You can request to play with one friend.

WHERE: Long Lake Regional Park

WHEN: Every Monday night (6:00p – 8:00p) starting November 18 through December 16

COST: $125 or $100 if you volunteered at least 2 shifts at Colorado Cup or Masters

You must also have a USAU membership.



The AYU Club Connect is a volunteer rewards program that offers local club teams a chance to connect with the youth in Colorado and to raise extra funds for their teams.